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Petroleum Agency SA

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Postal Address
P.O Box 5111

Street address
Tygerpoort Building
7 Mispel Street
Bellville 7530, Cape Town

+ 27 21 938 3500               

+ 27 21 938 3520


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Petroleum Agency SA (Pasa) promotes exploration for oil and gas resources and their optimal development on behalf of the government. The agency regulates and monitors exploration and production activities and is the custodian of the national exploration and production database for petroleum.

Pasa has been designated by the government, through the Minister of Minerals and Energy, as the official agency responsible for the promotion and regulation of South Africa’s petroleum resources. Its role was statutorily endorsed in June 2004 in terms of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act of 2002.

The vision of the agency is the development of a vibrant upstream industry in South Africa.

Its mission as South Africa's petroleum agency is to actively promote exploration for natural oil and gas resources and their optimal development for the benefit of South Africa.

In terms of strategy, the agency actively seeks out technically competent and financially sound clients to whom it markets acreage, while ensuring that all prospecting and mining leases are for the long-term economic benefit of South Africa.

International exploration companies are interested in South Africa and other African countries with oil and gas potential as they may offer alternatives to the Middle East. Pasa advises and assists the government in all matters relating to oil and gas exploration and production, ensuring that an attractive investment environment is created.

The agency collects and collates all data relevant to oil and gas exploration and maintains it as a national resource. By application of appropriate technology, the agency improves the understanding of the commercial potential of South Africa's natural oil and gas resources in order to attract investment.


There is significant potential for oil finds in South Africa, with foreign and local companies showing interest in exploring the country’s coastline.

Geological studies have shown the West Coast, in the Orange River delta as far as the Kudu gas field in Namibia, holds strong promise for finding gas and oil, according to Mthozami Xiphu, the CEO of Pasa.

International companies, such as Forest Oil and BHP Billiton, and local ones, such as PetroSA and Sasol, are involved in this area.

In the past few years, more than US$1-billion has been spent on oil and gas exploration in South Africa and more than 10 companies have been granted exploration licences.. According to the FM, the number of companies granted exploration licences has increased from three to 11 in the past five years.